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Darling, let your tears
shed in blank sheets of paper;
turn them into ink
that will write down
the story of your dear life.

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Q: What has been your favorite part about keeping journals?

Thank you for asking this question because it’s one of my absolute favorites. I’ve answered it before, but I shall answer it again because you are special. 

For me, the best part of writing in journals wasn’t keeping secrets. It wasn’t about saying “Look how many pretty notebooks I have! You can’t read any of them.” And it certainly wasn’t because I vainly thought my handwriting was “above average,” either. (Because sometimes it absolutely sucks, and I’m okay with that!) 

The best part of journaling, in my honest opinion, was just that:

Being honest. 

I am writing down my thoughts and feelings, and conveying every action of every amazing (or not so amazing) day in my own words, and you cannot get more honest than that, my friend. 

Since we’re being truthful, I began journaling because I had no one to talk to. And when I did, they mostly did the talking and I did the listening. I had an abundance of thoughts and no one to take the time to listen, so I decided I owed it to myself to be truthful in every sense of the word.  

I don’t sugarcoat things in my journals. I don’t censor them. I am not afraid of what scoundrel will pick them up and read them, because I know who I am and what I stand for. 

Through journaling, I regained some of my long-lost self-confidence. Through this kind of unconditional sincerity, I finally found beauty in myself. 

There is beauty in writing. There is beauty in the passion I have for writing. And yes, even at my worst, I still believe that there is beauty in the person I’ve become. 

This honest outlet has brought me a profound peace and serenity in my heart, and it feels really good to know that I can have this creative expression for myself when I need it. I’ve done something good for myself that’s healthy. It’s my way of letting go, and that brings me a more than addicting joy and magic that will continue to visit me over the years when I look back on all the entries I’ve written. 

Again, thank you for asking, love.

I hope your writing goes well this week. And I hope you’ve discovered some of your own hidden truths, too. :) 


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